Roc Seal Premium


Roc Seal Premium

This combined concrete curing compound and sealing agent aids hardening and gives long-term protection.

Typical applications:

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Concrete floor slabs
  • Pavements
  • Driveways
  • Coloured concrete slabs

Product Description

Roc Seal Premium is a liquid concrete hardener and curing compound. When applied to newly-poured concrete it controls hydration during the curing process to create uniform strength in the slab. It also forms a hard protective surface on top of the concrete which adds durability and prevents common concrete problems such as efflorescence.

Concrete curing compound

Maintaining the water content in fresh concrete is vital to ensure the slab cures evenly and consistently throughout its depth. When applied to fresh concrete, Roc Seal Premium acts as a curing agent, forming a protective membrane on top of the concrete. This ensures good hydration, and builds strength into the concrete’s surface.

Protective concrete sealing agent

Roc Seal Premium is designed to work with the ‘free lime’ in the concrete so that it forms a permanent, hard protective layer on the concrete’s surface. This adds longevity to the concrete and helps it resist damage.

Prevents efflorescence

Roc Seal Premium also helps to prevent common concrete issues occurring, such as lime and alkali leachate and efflorescence.

Concrete hardener

Although often applied to fresh concrete as a curing agent, Roc Seal Premium can also be applied just as a concrete hardener after 28 days. Please refer to our datasheet for details of surface preparation.

If using Roc Seal Premium with coloured concrete, it should only be applied after 28 days.

Easy to clean

The smooth, sealed surface which Roc Seal Premium provides makes the concrete slab easy to keep clean – so it’s ideal for floors which require regular cleaning for hygiene or aesthetic reasons.

Easy to apply

Roc Seal Premium is supplied ready to use – it only needs to be stirred before application to ensure an even consistency. It is simply sprayed lightly on to the concrete’s surface, and one coat is all that’s required.

Fast drying time

Quick to apply, Roc Seal Premium dries quickly too – usually after about two hours. After 24 hours, the area will be ready for use.

Safety advice

You should wear a dust mask, eye protection and gloves when handling Roc Seal Premium, and avoid using it in conditions where the spray may be dispersed. Please request a health and safety datasheet.


logo-pdf Data sheet
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