Our industrial concrete flooring products provide a beautiful finish for concrete floors, and high-performance, long-lasting protection.

Surface hardeners protect concrete floors from impact and abrasion damage, extending the life of the floor, and adding colour.

Polymer screeds are an ideal fine surface finish – we offer self levelling screed, quick drying screed, decorative screed, liquid screed, and anti-slip finish.

Concrete fibres help to control concrete shrinkage, and improve the strength of the slab.

Admixtures reduce the water content in the concrete mix, improve workability and strength, or speed curing.

Curing agents reduce the risk of surface cracking; and sealants protect the finished concrete slab.

Armoured joints act as a permanent formwork during a concrete pour, and control concrete shrinkage to prevent cracks.

Joint sealants protect the arrises of saw-cut joints from damage.

Bonding agents ensure good adhesion when bonding concrete to concrete.

Floor care products help to keep your concrete floor clean, safe and protected, to maximise its life.

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