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We manufacture dry-shake concrete surface hardeners, floor screeds and floor sealants for large-scale industrial floors.

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Our industrial flooring products are used in buildings across the globe for major international brands – including retail developments, warehouses and distribution centres, hi-tech manufacturing, and commercial kitchens.

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Dry-shake concrete surface hardeners

Our dry-shake concrete surface hardeners add a protective finish to industrial concrete floor surfaces, providing durability, abrasion resistance and colour. They also act as a surface fibre suppressant for fibre reinforced concrete.

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Concrete floor screeds

Our industrial concrete floor screeds, including self-levelling screeds, are the ideal preparation for concrete floor finishes - or can be the actual finish!

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We have a suitable product for every application, and our technical advisers are always happy to guide you with your product choice. We can also create bespoke formulations to perfectly match the concrete or end-user requirements.

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Our products

We have a wide range of products to help create beautiful, long-lasting concrete floors.

Surface Hardeners

Extend the life of your concrete floor with one of our specially blended, coloured dry-shake surface hardeners. Durable protection that’s easy to apply to fresh concrete.

Polymer Screeds

Our self-levelling screeds contain polymers to increase their toughness and adhesion. Ideal for use as a decorative concrete finish, or as preparation for a final coating.

Concrete Fibres

Our fibres add reinforcement to the concrete mix, helping to control the behaviour of the concrete and improve performance. Choose from synthetic polypropylene or steel fibres.

Concrete Admixtures

These high-performance specialist concrete additives control and improve durability, strength, water content, waterproofing, setting time and temperature.

Cure & Seal

Concrete curing and sealing compounds ensure the fresh concrete slab cures evenly and resists cracking, for a strong and durable floor. Solvent-based and water-based options.


Armoured joints protect the construction joints in your industrial concrete floor once the building is in use. Joint filler for saw-cut and formed joints is also available.

Bonding Agents

Use concrete bonding agents to prepare existing concrete to receive a new layer of screed or mortar. Can also be used when repairing mortar, or creating masonry joints.

Floor Care

Keep your concrete floor in great condition! Our range of detergents and cleaning solvents removes curing agents and grease, and ensures good everyday maintenance.


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