Roc Fluid


Roc Fluid

This powerful water reducing admixture makes concrete easier to place and pump, while also increasing mechanical strength.

Typical applications

  • Concrete floors and slabs
  • Concrete beams, pillars, and panels
  • Civil engineering structures, and tanks
  • Reinforced concrete of all performances
  • Cured and uncured prefabricated concrete
  • Concrete containing steel or polypropylene fibres
  • All cement types except aluminous binders
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Product Description

Roc Fluid is a water reducing admixture which makes fresh concrete more fluid and workable, and easier to place. This plasticizer is supplied as a dark brown liquid, ready to add into the concrete mix just before the pour.

Easier placing

Concrete which contains Roc Fluid is much easier to place on site, needing only a very light vibration. This speeds the construction process considerably, as well as saving labour and energy on site. This is particularly beneficial when creating building elements with a large amount of steel reinforcement.

Increases strength

Roc Fluid has been proven to increase the mechanical strength of concrete, both within the first 7 days after the pour and at 28 days. Because the concrete can be easily poured and pumped it settles well with a good compactness, which creates long-term strength.

Please refer to our technical datasheet which explains more and shows comparative test results, based on different dosage rates of Roc Fluid.

Speedier rotation of formwork

Because Roc Fluid builds early strength, formwork can be removed promptly, saving time on site.

Easy to use

Roc Fluid is simply added to the concrete mix in the truck and mixed well before the pour. If mixing concrete by hand, add Roc Fluid towards the end of the mixing time, after water has been added. The mix will be workable for about half an hour, but this will vary depending on the ambient temperature. Don’t add any more water to the mix after adding Roc Fluid.
Please refer to our technical datasheet, which explains the mixing and application process in much more detail.

Technical support

Our technical team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Roc Fluid water reducing admixture and its suitability for your project.

Roc Fluid is not hazardous. As with all chemicals, you should avoid getting it on your skin or in your eyes. If that occurs, wash well with water, and seek medical help if you experience any adverse reaction. Please download our safety datasheet for more information, and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


logo-pdf Data sheet
logo-pdf Safety data sheet