Roc Latex


Roc Latex

Roc Latex is a synthetic resin bonding agent for concrete and mortar. Applied to existing surfaces, it will ensure that new concrete will adhere well without cracking. Roc Latex also improves the durability of mortar.

Typical applications:

  • Bonding agent for screed
  • Bonding agent in preparation for floor toppings (eg, resin surfaces)
  • Mortar repairs
  • Masonry joint repairs

Product Description

Roc Latex is a synthetic resin concrete bonding agent. It is supplied as a liquid which should be mixed with water, sand and cement to the recommended consistency before being applied to the substrate.

Preparation for screeds and mortars

Roc Latex is the ideal preparation to enable screeds and mortars (such as our Indurit range) to be added to existing concrete surfaces.

Improved mortar durability

Roc Latex has been specially formulated to improve the stability and durability of mortar. Treating mortar with Roc Latex will enhance its resistance to abrasion, oil and chemicals; and reduce its water permeability.

Easy mortar repairs

When repairing mortar or concrete, applying Roc Latex concrete bonding agent first will ensure that the repair adheres well to the existing surface.

Application details

The concrete or mortar to be treated must first be thoroughly cleaned by milling or pressure washing.

Roc Latex should be applied as soon as it has been mixed. The surface topping or concrete should be placed on top while Roc Latex is still sticky.

Technical support

If you need any assistance in choosing or using this product, please get in touch with our technical staff who will be happy to help you.

Roc Latex concrete bonding agent is not flammable or hazardous, and does not have any specific safety guidance. But as with all chemicals it is wise to wear hand and eye protection, and of course avoid ingestion. Please contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns. An MSDS is available on request.


logo-pdf Data sheet
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