Roc Seal


Roc Seal

Roc Seal is a combined concrete floor sealer, curing agent and anti-dusting layer for concrete floors. It helps the floor to harden well and adds protection – all in one easy application.

Typical applications:

  • New and existing concrete floors
  • Unfinished concrete floors
  • Concrete floors finished with a surface hardener
  • Coloured and decorative slabs

Product Description

Roc Seal is a combined concrete floor sealer and curing agent. Supplied as an opaque white liquid, it comprises acrylic polymers and reactive fluorosilicate compounds. It is sprayed or spread onto the surface of a concrete floor to help increase strength and protect the floor’s surface from damage.

Controlled concrete curing

Roc Seal can be applied to fresh concrete after a period of 7 days, once the slab has initially set and is dry. It helps to lock in moisture, so as the slab continues to harden it does so in a controlled way. By reducing the porosity of the concrete, Roc Cure helps to build long-term strength into the slab.

Protective concrete floor sealer

As its name suggests, Roc Seal adds a protective layer (of insoluble salts and resins) which seals the concrete’s surface. Sealing the floor’s surface means it has a greater protection against damage caused by spillages such as oil, grease and diluted acids. It also helps to keep the floor looking good for longer.

Please note that some floor colours may be affected by the application of Roc Seal, and it is advisable to conduct tests first. Please refer to our datasheet for details.

For new or existing concrete floors

Although Roc Seal is often used for new concrete floors, it can also be used to help give a new lease of life to old floors. The surface should be sound and thoroughly clean first. Please refer to our data sheet for information, or ask advice from our team.

Easy to clean

Roc Seal’s protective layer leaves a smooth finish which prevents the surface from dusting, and makes it easier to keep clean. So it’s ideal for buildings with a strict hygiene or cleaning regime.

Easy to apply

Roc Seal is supplied ready to use, so there’s no mixing required on site. It can be sprayed or poured over the floor’s surface, and one coat is sufficient for most floors (for very porous surfaces a second coat may be needed).

Fast acting

Floors coated with Roc Seal are ready to walk on after just 12 hours; and it takes only 8 days for the product to be fully effective.

Technical help

Please refer to our technical datasheet for more information about using this product, and whether it is suitable for your building. If you need further guidance, please ask our technical staff.

Safety advice

Roc Seal concrete floor sealer does not present a health or environmental hazard, and it is non-flammable. Protective wear should be worn while using the product, including eye protection. Please download our safety datasheet for full details.


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