Roc Cure 60

Roc Cure concrete curing agent for industrial concrete floors

Roc Cure 60

Roc Cure 60 is a concrete curing agent for use on newly-poured concrete floors. It helps to produce a strong floor, highly durable and free of cracks.

Typical applications:

  • Unfinished concrete floors
  • Concrete floors finished with a surface hardener

Product Description

Roc Cure 60 is a translucent solvent-based concrete curing agent for floors. It is sprayed onto a freshly-poured concrete slab, where it forms a layer on the surface which seals in the concrete beneath. This helps to control the curing process of the slab, creating a stronger and durable floor.

Reduces surface cracking

Surface cracks can occur in a concrete slab if the surface cures more quickly than the concrete beneath. Roc Cure 60 controls the water content in the concrete over a period of 28 days, so that the water near the surface of the slab does not evaporate too quickly. This helps to prevent surface cracks.

Uniform strength

An evenly-cured concrete slab will have uniform strength, so the surface will be as strong as the concrete deeper down in the slab. This means it will be more able to withstand heavy loads and challenging environments without failing.

Reduces dusting

A strong surface will resist crumbling and dusting – so a floor finished with Roc Cure 60 will remain durable and keep an attractive appearance.

Technical support

For help with choosing or using this product, please refer to our technical datasheet. If you have any questions about whether this is the right product, or how you should use it, our technical staff will be happy to help you. Please call us or email your question.

Safety advice

Roc Cure 60 is a solvent-based product, and hence we recommend that you wear gloves, and masks to cover your eyes, nose and mouth. Avoid breathing the spray, or getting it into your mouth or eyes. If any Roc Cure 60 concrete curing agent should touch your eyes or skin, wash it off with water straight away. Use Roc Cure 60 only in a well-ventilated area, where smoking is not permitted. Please refer to our Safety Data Sheet for further details.


logo-pdf Data sheet
 Safety data sheet

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