Roc Release Agent


Roc Release Agent

Roc Release Agent helps create stylish stencilled decorative concrete floors with ease!

Typical applications:

  • Outdoor use
  • Decorative stencilled concrete slabs


Product Description

Roc Release Agent is a very fine powder, which is sprinkled onto a fresh concrete floor before placing a stencil on top. Once finishing and texturing has been completed, this concrete release agent ensures the stencil can be removed with ease, without damaging the decorative surface.

Easy to apply

Roc Release Agent is supplied as a powder, ready to sprinkle on the surface of the concrete: it only needs to be stirred by hand in its container to ensure an even consistency. Roc Release Agent is easy to apply – simply sprinkle it lightly by hand over the area to be covered by the stencil.

Colourful effects

With Roc Release Agent you can be creative with colours and finishes! It is available in a choice of white, brown, yellow or black standard colours – but other colours are available on request.

Using Roc Release Agent adds an extra dimension to the decorative finish, as it helps to highlight textured areas of the slab.

Use with a dry-shake surface hardener

Roc Release Agent works well in partnership with our dry-shake surface hardeners, which add colour and protection to floors. Find out more in our surface hardeners section.

Designed for outdoor use

Roc Release Agent is resistant to moisture, and it won’t become brittle on wet surfaces. It is UV stable, so its colour won’t be affected by daylight. It also adheres well to concrete, so once applied it will not be blown away by the wind!

Technical help

Our technical datasheet gives more information about Roc Release Agent, and how it should be used – but if you have any questions please get in touch with our technical team, who will be happy to help.

Safety advice

We advise you to wear a dust mask, eye protection and gloves when handling this concrete release agent, and avoid using it in strong winds. Please request a health and safety datasheet.


logo-pdf Data Sheet

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