IVX 50


IVX 50

These economical steel fibres for concrete build strength and impact resistance into concrete slabs, and reduce concrete shrinkage too.

Typical applications:

  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) slabs, with induced saw cut joints
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Product Description

IVX 50 is a 50mm long steel fibre, with a semi-circular crimping pattern along its entire length. IVX50 steel fibres are mixed into the concrete on site before it is poured, to build reinforcement into the concrete slab. These steel fibres can be used instead of mesh reinforcement.

Improved flexural strength

Adding IVX 50 steel fibres to the concrete increases its flexural strength. This means that it will be able to withstand greater loads without deforming.

Reduced shrinkage

IVX 50 steel fibres help to reduce the shrinkage forces in the steel fibre reinforced concrete during the curing process. This reduces the risk of shrinkage cracking occurring, leading to a more robust floor.
The floor should also incorporate appropriate joints (eg, armoured joints and induced saw cut joints) at calculated locations to help manage the concrete shrinkage process.

Impact resistance

The extra strength in the concrete gives protection against impact damage (eg, from heavy weights, tools or machinery dropped on the floor). However, if this is likely to be the prime concern, we strongly advise you to consider a Rocland surface hardener.

Use with a surface hardener

Floors which incorporate IVX 50 steel fibres for concrete are often finished with a Rocland surface hardener. This acts as a fibre suppressant, to cover the steel fibres which may protrude through the floor’s surface, and improve smoothness and durability. This is particularly effective when applied as a thick wet-on-wet slurry. Please refer to our surface hardeners product section for more information.

Designing the concrete slab

Before using IVX 50 steel fibres it is vital that the overall performance requirements of the concrete slab are calculated. This should be done by a qualified structural engineer. Please refer to our datasheet for details of the tensile strength of IVX 50.

Using steel fibres in the concrete, and finishing the floor with a surface hardener, may mean you can use a lower-strength concrete containing less cement. This should be considered under the guidance of a suitably qualified professional experienced in specifying structural concrete.

Technical support

If you have any questions about the specification or use of IVX 50 steel fibres for concrete, please contact our technical team who will be pleased to help you.

IVX 50 steel fibres are not hazardous. You will not need to take any extra precautions, other than the usual health and safety recommendations for working with concrete and screed mixes. Please contact us if you have any specific health and safety questions or concerns.


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