Maintenance and cleaning

Concrete cleaning products for industrial concrete floors

Maintenance and cleaning

Keep your concrete floor performing at its best.  Our concrete cleaning and maintenance products work together perfectly to help your floor endure.

Typical applications:

  • All new and existing concrete floors

Product Description

This guide gives an overview of our concrete cleaning products for floors, to help ensure your concrete floor remains protected and attractive.

Protect your floor, for lifetime value

Creating a concrete floor with high quality products is only the first step. Once the building is in use, it is essential to clean and maintain the floor. This will help to prevent premature wear and damage, and costly repairs.

Clean the surface

With our concrete cleaning products you can:

  • treat the floor after curing, to remove curing agent residues
  • finish the floor with a water-based emulsion to reduce surface micro-porosity and protect the floor from spillages
  • apply a resin-based sealant for waterproofing and protection against oil
  • establish a regular cleaning and polishing regime, with products designed to complement your floor finish or sealant

Protect the joints

Our range of joint sealants gives options for sealing induced saw-cut and armoured joints. We offer:

  • flexible sealants, suitable for use on fresh saw-cut joints
  • pre-formed PVC sealants, for easy and clean application
  • long-term sealants for older and wider joints


Please download our concrete cleaning products and maintenance guide for full details. Our technical team will be happy to help with any queries you may have about choosing or using our products.

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