This concrete repair mortar is ideal for filling cracks and patches in a concrete floor. Quick-setting, the surface is ready to use in just 3 hours.

Typical applications:

  • Concrete crack repairs
  • Spalling repairs
  • Concrete patching

Product Description

ROC RAGRÉAGE MMA (which literally translates as ROC Patching MMA) is a concrete repair mortar for floor patches and cracks. The product is supplied in two pre-dosed bottles, one containing a resin and the other a catalyst. One of each bottle should be mixed together well and applied immediately to a clean surface. A diluent 50 cleaning solution is also supplied for use on tools and splashes.

Fast setting concrete repairs

ROC RAGRÉAGE MMA sets quickly, from as little as 30 minutes. The area is usable again after just three hours – so this product is ideal for repairing cracks before applying a final surface, or for instances where the floor needs to be speedily returned to use.

A choice of curing times

This fast setting concrete repair compound needs to be used quickly. But if you would like ROC RAGRÉAGE MMA to remain workable for longer, you can use half the amount of catalyst. The product will not set as quickly, and will be just as effective. You may need to allow more time before bringing the floor back into use.

Leave colourless, or add a tint

ROC RAGRÉAGE MMA is colourless – but if you have a coloured concrete floor, you can add a colourant to the product, so it blends with your floor. Please contact us if you need guidance.

Use pure, or mix to create a mortar

For small cracks, the mixed concrete filler can be used in its pure form, injected into small cracks. For larger cracks or to fix patches of damaged concrete, mix ROC RAGRÉAGE MMA with a silica to form a mortar. Please refer to the product datasheet for details.

Supplied in individual packs

Each order of ROC RAGRÉAGE MMA contains 20 kits – so you can mix as much or as little of the concrete filler as you need each time. Unopened pouches will keep for up to 6 months if stored in their original packaging away from humidity and frost.

Powerful concrete repair resin

ROC RAGRÉAGE MMA is made from MMA (methyl methacrylate), a powerful bonding resin, so it is important to take care when using this product. You should avoid all contact with the eyes and skin, and should this occur, rinse well with clean water and seek medical advice. Do not ingest. Please ensure you refer to the safety datasheets – there is a separate one for each of the three chemicals supplied.

ROC RAGRÉAGE MMA is not suitable for use in any areas where food is manufactured or handled.

Technical support

Please download the datasheet for full technical details. Our staff will be pleased to help you if you need any advice about choosing or using ROC RAGRÉAGE MMA.


logo-pdfROC RAGRÉAGE MMA – material safety datasheet – resin (French)

logo-pdfROC RAGRÉAGE MMA – material safety datasheet – catalyst (French)

logo-pdfROC RAGRÉAGE MMA – material safety datasheet – diluent (French)

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