Qualidur HP

Rocland Qualidur dry shake concrete finish

Qualidur HP

Qualidur HP (High Performance) offers all the benefits of Qualidur with added abrasion resistance and anti-static properties. It’s excellent for logistics and medium-duty manufacturing.

Typical applications:

  • Flat floors in logistics and distribution centres
  • Food processing factories
  • Medium-duty industrial floors
  • Workshops
  • Commercial retail outlets
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Product Description

Qualidur HP is a non-metallic dry-shake concrete finish for industrial floors. It contains specially shaped and graded mineral aggregates, cement, mixing additives and colour pigments, blended into a powder. It is sprinkled on the top of fresh concrete, or pre-mixed with water and poured on as a slurry. It cures to create a long-lasting, abrasive resistant coating which protects the slab beneath.

Fibre suppressant for SFRC

Qualidur HP can be used as a surface fibre suppressant for steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) floors, as it improves the quality and smoothness of the floor. If Qualidur HP is being used primarily as a fibre suppressant, we recommend a wet-on-wet (fresh-on-fresh) application, as the thicker topping will provide a better fibre suppression. Please refer to our FAQ on wet-on-wet application to learn more. Examples of both applications are shown in the videos at the end of this page.

Highly durable

Qualidur HP is a mineral-based surface hardener with excellent abrasion resistance. In technical abrasion tests (the Boehm test) the floor’s surface wore by only 3cm3 per 50cm2 (the result for an uncoated floor was 9cm3 per 50cm2).

Oil resistant flooring

Qualidur HP aids the floor’s resistance to oils and hydrocarbons, so it is a good choice for workshops and manufacturing facilities where oil or petrol spillages may occur. If you are mainly choosing Qualidur HP for this reason, we recommend you discuss the application first with our technical advisers.

Static dissipative flooring

Qualitop HP dissipates static, helping to make the building more comfortable for people, and safer for equipment.

Attractive appearance – no dust, no rust

Qualidur HP contains no metal particles, which means it requires no special coating to prevent rusting. It is easy to clean and resists dust infiltration.

Light-reflective surface

Qualidur HP is naturally light reflective. Using a paler coloured surface hardener can particularly help to brighten a building’s interior and increase the light reflectivity. This can help reduce the lighting requirements for the building, and thus contribute to energy efficiency.

Cost-effective coloured concrete floors

Using Qualidur HP dry-shake concrete finish easily adds colour to a concrete floor, without using coloured concrete or floor paint. It is available in our full range of standard colours, and special colours can also be created.

Technical support

For technical specifications and information about coverage, please refer to our technical datasheet. If you have any questions about product suitability or usage, please contact our technical staff – we will be pleased to help you.
It is advisable to use a dust mask and gloves when handling this product. Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for further details of how this product should be stored and handled.


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Wet-On-Wet Concrete Floor Surface Hardener Application

Wet-On-Wet Concrete Floor Surface Hardener Application

Dry-Shake Concrete Floor Surface Hardener Application

Dry-Shake Concrete Floor Surface Hardener Application

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