Roc Plast 55


Roc Plast 55

This flexible concrete joint sealant, made from PVC, is a clean, easy and economical way to fill new saw-cut joints in industrial concrete floors – and it is available in five sizes.

Typical applications:

  • Induced saw-cut joints in industrial concrete floors, up to 6mm wide
  • Insulation joints in concrete slabs
  • Indoor use
  • For newly-cut joints


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Product Description

Roc Plast 55 is concrete joint sealant made from flexible formed grey PVC. It is pushed into new saw-cut joints to add support to the joint arrises and protect against damage and spalling. The profile includes integral grips which hold it in place within the joint.

Easy to insert

Roc Plast 55 is supplied on a reel, pre-compressed and ready to insert straight into the saw-cut joint. Roc Plast 55 can be inserted using a special tool, or by simply tapping in into place with a rubber mallet.

No curing time

Because Roc Plast 55 is a dry profile there’s no need to allow for curing time – so it’s a speedy way to prepare the floor for immediate use.

Easy to remove

Roc Plast 55 is recommended for sealing new saw-cut joints. However, as the concrete slab cures and the joint widens it will be necessary to remove Roc Plast 55 and replace it with a hard permanent sealant (such as Roc joint PU12). Because Roc Plast 55 is supplied as a solid length, it can be simply pulled from the joint in one length, quickly, and without creating mess.

A choice of sizes

Roc Plast 55 concrete joint sealant is available in five different sizes, to accommodate different sizes of joint.

  • Roc Plast 55 A – for 3.5mm joints
  • Roc Plast 55 B – for 3.8mm joints
  • Roc Plast 55 C – for 5.2mm joints
  • Roc Plast 55 D – for 5.8mm joints
  • Roc Plast 55 E – for 6.0mm joints

Please refer to our datasheet for details of the product lengths supplied.

For mesh reinforced and steel fibre floors

Roc Plast 55 can be used on both mesh reinforced / welded armature floors, and steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) floors. Please refer to our datasheet for details of the recommended joint depth for each type of floor.

Technical help

If you have any questions about this product’s suitability and use, please refer to our technical datasheet, or ask our team for specific advice.

Safety advice

This product can be used safely without the need for protective clothing or special safety precautions. Please contact our technical team if you require guidance or a safety data sheet.


logo-pdf Data sheet
logo-pdf Safety Data Sheet

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