Roc Ethafoam


Roc Ethafoam

This joint backer rod – available in four sizes – makes it easier to get a neat and effective result when sealing saw-cut joints in concrete floors.

Typical applications:

  • Induced saw-cut joints in industrial concrete floors, up to 16mm wide
  • Expansion joints in external slabs
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • For new joints or joint repairs
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Product Description

Roc Ethafoam is a length of grey cylindrical foam, made from closed-cell polyethylene. It is placed at a shallow depth along the length of a joint in a concrete floor, before using a joint sealant. Roc Ethafoam prevents the sealant from dropping down into the joint. This makes the joint easier to seal, and keeps the sealant near the floor’s surface, where it will be most effective.

A consistent depth for joint sealant

Placing Roc Ethafoam backer rod into the joint means the contractor has complete control over the depth of the joint sealant, and can ensure this is consistent along the length of the joint.
We recommend the sealant depth should be 1.5 times the width of the joint – please refer to our datasheet for more details.

Compressible foam

Roc Ethafoam joint backer rod is easy to compress, and will also return quickly to its original shape. This makes it easy to squeeze into a joint, where it will re-expand and hold itself firmly in place.
The Roc Ethafoam pack enables the product to be easily and continuously dispensed.

A choice of diameters

Roc Ethafoam is available in four different diameters. Choose a diameter which is at least 25% wider than your joint width.

  • 6mm – suitable for joints 5mm or less.
  • 10mm – suitable for joints 6mm to 8mm.
  • 16mm – suitable for joints 9mm to 13mm.
  • 20mm – suitable for joints 14mm to 16mm.

Please refer to our datasheet for details of the product lengths supplied.

Indoor and outdoor use

Roc Ethafoam remains stable between -40⁰C and +70⁰C, and won’t absorb water – so it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and where there are likely to be extreme temperatures.

Technical help

Please refer to our datasheet to find out more; and if you have any questions, please contact our technical team for help.

Safety advice

This product can be used safely without the need for protective clothing or special safety precautions. Please contact our technical team if you require guidance or a safety data sheet.


logo-pdf Data sheet
logo-pdf Safety Data Sheet

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