Roc HP


Roc HP

Increase the durability of your concrete flooring slab. Roc HP concrete admixture adds exceptional strength to concrete, and is ideal for challenging environments.

Typical applications

  • Food industry
  • Agriculture – storage of silage and fertilizers
  • Chemical and industrial applications
  • Oil and fuel exposure – eg, service stations
  • Mineral and salt water environments, including road salt
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Product Description

Roc HP is a powdered blend of micro silica and special additives. This high-performance concrete admixture should be mixed with water and added to the concrete mix before pouring the slab. Roc HP quickly builds in strength and protects the slab from abrasion, cracking, and chemical damage.

High strength concrete

Adding Roc HP to the concrete mix builds in early strength – about 40 MPa mechanical strength in 2 days, and over 60 MPa compressive strength 28 days after the pour. This makes Roc HP ideal for hard-working environments. There is also less likelihood of long-term concrete shrinkage and creep in high-strength concrete.

Concrete waterproofing

Roc HP reduces the water permeability of the concrete, so that spillages will have less effect on the concrete. If this is a major consideration, we recommend you also consider a sealing agent, such as Roc Seal.

Resistance to chemicals

Adding Roc HP concrete admixture also helps the flooring slab to be more resistant to chemical spillages. If this is of major importance, we recommend you also consider a sealing agent such as Roc Seal.

Reducing the risk of alkali reaction

Micro silica in the mix reduces the inherent risk of concrete expansion caused by alkali reaction.

Improved abrasion resistance

Roc HP also makes the concrete floor’s surface more resistant to abrasion. If this is a major factor for your project, we recommend you consider also using a surface hardener, applied as a wet-on-wet slurry.

Easy application

Roc HP should be added to the concrete mix in the truck, along with some of the mixing water. Full details are provided on our technical datasheet.

Roc HP can be used in conjunction with Roc NC Accelerator.

Cure and seal

We recommend that when using Roc HP you follow good curing and sealing practice, to ensure your floor cures evenly to create the strongest possible floor. Please browse our curing and sealing products, and ask us if you need any advice.

Technical support

For technical specifications and information about dosage, please refer to our technical datasheet. If you have any questions about this product, please contact our technical staff who will be pleased to help you.

This product is not hazardous; but as with all powdered chemicals it is advisable to use a dust mask and gloves when handling the product. A safety datasheet is available on request, or please contact us if you have any specific questions.


logo-pdf Data sheet
logo-pdf Safety data sheet