Roc Prim


Roc Prim

This epoxy concrete adhesive allows new concrete to be poured on top of old without cracking.  It also acts as a moisture barrier between the two layers.

Typical applications:

  • Concrete overlaying
  • Between two layers of concrete as a moisture barrier

Product Description

Roc Prim is a two-component epoxy resin concrete adhesive. It is supplied as two liquid substances, pre-mixed and of the correct dosage. These should be mixed together at ambient temperature, then applied to a clean, shot-blasted concrete surface.

Prevents cracking

If a fresh concrete layer is placed on top of existing concrete, it will not adhere well: the result will be an unstable, cracked surface. Roc Prim concrete adhesive provides the answer. It provides the fresh concrete with an adhesive base, so it will join securely to the existing concrete substrate.

Strong adhesion

Roc Prim offers a good level of adhesion, measured at 1.5 MPa. For more challenging applications which require a stronger level of adhesion, consider Cemcol.

Application details

Roc Prim is suitable for use on substrates of up to 5% surface humidity.

It is essential to ensure that the concrete is completely sound, strong, clean and free from contaminants, chemicals, algae and laitance before the concrete adhesive is applied.

Once prepared, Roc Prim should be applied immediately. Fresh concrete should be poured on top within two hours.

Technical support

Please get in touch with our technical staff if you need any advice about Roc Prim.

Roc Prim is a resin-based product, so we advise you to wear gloves and eye protection when handling the product. Please contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns. A safety data sheet is available on request.


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