Cemcol is a concrete bonding adhesive with excellent strength. It is the ideal preparation for laying new concrete, screed or slurry on an existing concrete surface.

Typical applications:

  • Concrete overlaying
  • Preparation for hard aggregate screeds

Product Description

Cemcol is a concrete bonding adhesive, applied to an existing concrete surface so that fresh concrete or screed can be applied on top. Cemcol is supplied as a powder, which contains resins and additives. It is mixed with water on site to the recommended consistency to form a sticky paste.

For hard-working applications

Cemcol is designed for tough applications, where fresh concrete or screed (such as our Indurit range) needs to be strongly bonded to an existing concrete substrate.

Excellent adhesion

Cemcol’s bonding strength has been tested and found to be over 2.2 MPa. Using Cemcol will ensure that the adhesion between concrete layers is strong, so the final surface will be sound and free of cracks.

Application details

The concrete or mortar to be treated must first be thoroughly cleaned by milling or pressure washing. It should be drenched with water the day before Cemcol is due to be laid. Cemcol should be mixed with water when it is ready to be used, and applied straight away. The fresh concrete or screed should be poured on top while Cemcol is still sticky. If Cemcol has dried, do not add water to try and make it workable. You will need to clean the surface and start again. Please refer to our datasheet for full details, including the appropriate temperature range for application.

Technical support

Please contact us if you need any help or advice about Cemcol – our technical staff will be happy to help.

Cemcol concrete bonding adhesive contains cement, which can cause skin irritation. You should wear hand and eye protection when handling the product. Please download our safety data sheet for more information, or ask us if you have any specific questions or concerns.


logo-pdf Data sheet
logo-pdf Safety data sheet

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