Proroc NT


Proroc NT

These tiny polypropylene fibres help control the behaviour of newly-poured concrete. Add them to the mix to make your concrete pour more successful.

Typical applications:

  • Concrete floors and pavements
  • Screeds
  • Mortars and grouts
  • Shotcrete
  • Imprinted concrete


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Product Description

Proroc NT is a fine, high-strength polypropylene fibre, mixed into the concrete before it is poured to help control aspects of the curing process.

Reduces cracking

Proroc NT helps to control the shrinkage forces at work in concrete while it cures. It also minimises bleeding, to prevent the concrete from losing too much moisture too quickly while curing. This means the concrete will be less prone to cracking while it cures and settles.

Concrete is easier to pump

Adding Proroc NT adds extra substance to the concrete and makes it easier to pump. It’s also ideal for shotcrete applications.

If the workability of the concrete needs to be improved once Proroc NT fibres are added, then Roc PO fluid superplasticizer should be added, not water. Please refer to our datasheet for details.

Abrasion and impact resistance

The fine fibres near the surface give added protection against surface abrasion (eg, heavy boxes or pallets scraped across the floor). They also build in extra protection against impact damage (eg, from tools dropped on the floor). If this is likely to be the main issue, it would be advisable to also consider a Rocland surface hardener.

Reduced permeability

Using polypropylene fibres for concrete helps to reduce the concrete’s permeability. This can help reduce the risk of corrosion of structural steel elements, to help keep the structure sound.

Virtually invisible

The Proroc NT fibres are very fine – only 18 microns thick – so are virtually invisible on the concrete’s surface. The surface may feel a little rough, but there will not be hard protruding fibres.

No need to coat

Concrete which contains Proroc NT fibres can be left as it is – there is no requirement to coat it with another screed or topping. However, depending on the concrete mix and how the building will be used, a surface hardener may be advisable. Please speak to our technical team for guidance.

Proroc NT polyproylene fibres for concrete are of course compatible with all Rocland’s range of screeds and hardeners.

Chemical resistant

Proroc NT fibres are resistant to most chemicals, which means the surface will be easy to keep clean using everyday cleaning detergents. (Refer to our floor care product section.)

Technical support

If you have any questions about how to use this product or whether it is the right choice, please ask our technical advisers who will be pleased to help you.

Proroc NT fibres are not hazardous. You will not need to take any extra precautions, other than the usual health and safety recommendations for working with concrete and screed mixes. Please contact us if you have any specific health and safety questions or concerns.


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