Roc Po Fluid


Roc Po Fluid

This superplasticizer concrete additive improves concrete workability and strength, and reduces shrinkage, heat release and creep.

Typical applications

  • Concrete floors and slabs
  • Concrete structures requiring strength over 25 MPa after 28 days
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Product Description

Roc PO Fluid is a superplasticizer which makes fresh concrete more fluid, workable and easier to place. This concrete waterproofing additive is supplied as a brown powder which is added to the concrete mix just before the pour.

Increases strength

Roc PO Fluid is ideal for use where the concrete mix needs to have a low water/cement ratio. This superplasticizer allows for a lower dosage of water to be added, while ensuring the mix stays fluid and workable. The result is a stronger floor, without needing to add extra cement to the mix.

Easier placing

Roc PO Fluid helps to make the concrete easy to place, which eases the construction process and saves time on site.

Concrete waterproofing additive

Roc PO Fluid increases the waterproof properties of the concrete. If this is a major factor for your project, then we advise you to also consider a sealant, such as Roc Seal.

Easy to use

Roc PO Fluid should be added to the concrete mix immediately before pouring. The dosage required will vary depending on the application, and we recommend that tests should be carried out in advance to optimise the mix. Please refer to our technical datasheet, which provides more detail.

Compatible with other Rocland admixtures

Roc PO Fluid can be used in conjuction with Roc NC Accelerator (which speeds curing time in cold weather); and Roc HP (which build durability into hard-working floors).

Technical support

If you have any questions, our technical team will be happy to help.

Roc PO Fluid is not hazardous. As with all chemicals, you should avoid getting it on your skin or in your eyes. Wash well should that happen, and seek medical help if you experience an adverse reaction. A safety datasheet is available on request, or you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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