Roc Neutre


Roc Neutre

Roc Neutre is a neutralising detergent for concrete floors. It is the ideal concrete slab cleaner for new concrete floors prior to finishing or sealing; and for everyday floor cleaning.

Typical applications:

  • Cleaning and neutralising new concrete floors
  • Daily cleaning of finished and sealed concrete floors

Product Description

Roc Neutre is transparent green liquid detergent for concrete floors. This concrete slab cleaner removes surface dirt and chemical residues.

Preparing a new concrete floor for finishing

If a floor has been treated with a resin-based curing agent, such as Roc Cure, it should be thoroughly washed with a concrete slab cleaner to remove all residues before finishing or sealing the floor. Roc Neutre has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Easy and effective daily cleaning

Roc Neutre’s formulation is non-foaming and rich in surfactants and sequestrants. This means it is easy to work with on the floor, and is highly effective at capturing and removing dirt and chemical residues.

Lightly fragranced

Roc Neutre is lightly perfumed, so cleaned areas will have a pleasant and non-harsh smell.

Dilute before use

Roc Neutre is supplied as a concentrated liquid, which should be diluted with water in the recommended proportions before application. Please refer to our datasheet for details.

Easy to use

Roc Neutre is usually poured dilute into the reservoir of a floor buffer, or industrial floor scrubber with white or red discs. The floor should be cleaned liberally at least twice. The vacuum function should be used only on the last pass. Please download our datasheet for details.

Maintain with Roc Polish

Roc Neutre is an effective daily floor cleaner. But to ensure the floor remains protected, we recommend applying Roc Polish weekly or monthly, depending on building use.

Technical support

Please refer to our datasheet for more technical details. If you have any questions about Roc Neutre concrete slab cleaner, please get in touch with our technical team – we will be happy to advise you.

Roc Neutre is not hazardous or flammable. As with all cleaning chemicals it is advisable to wear gloves, and wash well if you get any on your skin. Seek medical attention if you get it in your eyes or experience any adverse reaction. A safety data sheet is available on request, or ask us if you have any specific questions or concerns.


logo-pdf Data sheet

logo-pdf Safety data sheet

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