Rocland Qualidur dry shake concrete finish


Qualidur is a hard-wearing dry-shake surface hardener for concrete floors. It’s one of our most popular mid-range products for adding durability and colour in medium to heavy-duty situations.

Typical applications:

  • Exhibition halls
  • DIY and cash & carry stores
  • Warehouses
  • Loading bays
  • Medium to heavy duty industrial floors
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Product Description

Qualidur is a dry-shake concrete surface hardener for floors, which contains graded quartz granules, hard-wearing mineral aggregates, cement, pigments and mixing additives. It can be sprinkled as a dry powder to the top of a freshly-poured concrete floor, or pre-mixed with water and manually spread over the slab. Once cured, it becomes monolithic with the slab and provides a durable, colourful flooring surface.

Fibre suppressant for SFRC

Qualidur is often used as a surface fibre suppressant for steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC). Adding Qualidur improves the quality and smoothness of the floor’s surface. We particularly recommend a wet-on-wet (fresh-on-fresh) application if Qualidur is being used primarily to suppress fibres, as the thicker topping will provide a better result. Please refer to our FAQ on wet-on-wet application to learn more. Examples of both applications are shown in the videos at the end of this page.

Oil resistant flooring

Qualidur enables the floor to be resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, so it is a good choice where the floor may be at risk of damage from oil or petrol spillages. If you are primarily choosing Qualidur for this reason, we recommend you discuss the application first with our technical advisers.

Long-lasting appearance – no dust, no rust

Because Qualidur contains no metal particles, it requires no special treatment to prevent rusting. It is also easy to clean and resists dust infiltration. With a normal cleaning and maintenance regime, using recommended products, the floor will retain its attractive appearance for years.

Adding colour to concrete floors

Qualidur is available in our full range of standard colours, and we can produce special colours too. Adding Qualidur is an easy and cost-effective way to add long-lasting colour to a concrete floor’s surface, without colouring the concrete or using floor paint.

Technical support

For technical specifications and information about coverage, please refer to our technical datasheet. If you have any questions about product suitability or usage, please contact our technical staff – we will be pleased to help you.
It is advisable to use a dust mask and gloves when handling this product. Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for further details of how this product should be stored and handled.

Qualidur or Qualidur HP?

Please refer to our FAQ which explains the difference between these two dry-shake concrete surface hardeners. If you need any help with your choice, please contact our technical staff, who will be happy to advise you.


logo-pdf Data sheet
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 Colour Chart

Wet-On-Wet Concrete Floor Surface Hardener Application

Wet-On-Wet Concrete Floor Surface Hardener Application

Dry-Shake Concrete Floor Surface Hardener Application

Dry-Shake Concrete Floor Surface Hardener Application

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