Roc Stain Remover


Roc Stain Remover

Roc Stain Remover is ideal for removing oil stains from concrete floors.  It also quickly tackles burnt grease, tyre marks and more, to smarten up your industrial concrete floor.

Typical applications:

  • Stained patches on concrete floors
  • Industrial concrete floors with widespread marking or staining

Product Description

Roc Stain Remover is a chemical cleaning agent for concrete floors, used for removing stains caused by oil spillages, grease, and tyre marks.  A blend of organic solvents and an emulsifying agent, Roc Stain Remover is a fluid and is supplied in a 20 litre can.  The product must be diluted with water before use.

Safe for cement and metallic surfaces

Roc Stain Remover is specifically designed for industrial concrete floor cleaning, so it’s safe to use on cement and metallic surfaces.  If you intend to use it on surfaces which may react to water or alkalis (such as wood or linoleum), we advise you to do a discreet test first.  Avoid letting the product come into contact with rubber.

Treat a small stain, or the whole floor

For small concrete floor stains, Roc Stain Remover can be manually spread over the affected area using a brush.  For widespread staining on an industrial floor, the concrete stain remover can be applied with a sprayer.

Easy to apply

Roc Stain Remover is simple to use.  Dilute the product with water, at the rate specified on the technical datasheet.  Apply it to the stained area or the whole floor and leave it to work for 5 to 10 minutes.  Wash and clean the treated area with water, using a mono brush, or floor cleaning machine (green or brown disk, with suction).  Finally, wash the floor with Roc Neutre for a clean and smart finish to your industrial concrete floor.

Technical support

Please download our product datasheet below for more details about this concrete floor stain remover. If you have any questions about Roc Stain Remover for industrial concrete floors, please ask our technical team, who will be pleased to help.

Roc Stain Remover is a chemical product, so it is advisable to wear gloves, and wash well if you get any on your skin.  Keep the work area well ventilated.  Seek medical attention if you get it in your eyes or experience any adverse reaction.  A safety data sheet is available to download below, or ask us if you have any questions or concerns.


logo-pdfRoc Stain Remover, Material Safety Datasheet (French)

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