Indurit Spray

Rocland Indurit Spray liquid screed

Indurit Spray

Indurit Spray is an ingenious and quick way to apply a decorative coating to walls and floors. With this liquid screed you can refresh old surfaces easily, and be creative using stencils and colours – inside or outside.

Typical applications

  • Domestic walls and floors – internal and external
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Public buildings – hospitals, schools, theatres
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Product Description

Indurit Spray is a thin spray-on liquid screed. It comprises a powder containing a water-based binder, and a separate liquid resin. Mixed together on site, they create a viscous substance which can be sprayed (using a compressed air spray gun) onto walls and floors in thin layers to provide a decorative finish.

Colour variety

Indurit Spray gives the perfect opportunity to be creative – which is why we offer so many colour choices. As standard you can choose from grey cement, light grey, medium grey, slate, brown, red, orange, off-white, and yellow stone. We can also create other colours if required.

Stenciling for impact

Clients who specify or use Indurit Spray often want to create a visual effect as well as colour. By using a stencil, you can create patterns, designs and even brand logos.

For something different, you can create a flamed effect using one colour for a base coat, and a different colour on top.

Choice of substrates

Indurit Spray is a versatile liquid screed. It can be applied to concrete slabs, concrete blocks, paving and mortar finishes. It can be also be used on tiles and plasterboard if a suitable primer is used (refer to our datasheet for details).

New build and refurbishment

Indurit Spray is equally suited to new buildings or refurbishment projects. It’s a cost-effective way to breathe new life into old structures, internally or externally.

Application details

The surface must be clean and free from anything which would prevent good adhesion. An appropriate primer should be used, depending on the nature of the surface to be coated.

Indurit Spray is applied using compressed air equipment: a compressor and spray gun with reserve. The first coat of Indurit Spray is a base coat to even out the surface. Once this is completely dry, after about 2 or 3 hours, a second coat can be sprayed (using a stencil if desired). A protective resin coating should be applied to the finished surface. Please refer to the product data sheet for full details of this process.

The surface will be ready to walk on after 12 hours.

Technical support

If you have any questions about choosing or using this product, please get in touch and our technical advisers will be pleased to help.

This product is not dangerous to use, but we recommend you take sensible precautions when handling and applying it.  This includes wearing overalls, a dust mask, goggles and gloves.  Please contact us if you have any specific health and safety questions or concerns.

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